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A North Avenue by Tim Jarosz

Today we look at A North Avenue by Tim Jarosz for Artwork in Focus. Join me Divvya Nirula as I explore and present my experience of the selected artwork.

Artwork in Focus

Title: A North Avenue
Artist : Tim Jarosz                            
Medium : Giclée Art Print

A North Avenue by Tim Jarosz_Artwork in Focus
A North Avenue, by Tim Jarosz
Image Courtesy : Curioos

The Process of “A North Avenue”

Tim Jarosz is a Chicago based artist that self-identifies as a street artist. Having grown up in the city, he is intensely familiar with it. Hence ‘A North Avenue’, is a part of his Cityscapes series. He is in fact familiar with each of the places that has found a place in  his series. Walking around the city streets he likes to take pictures and lots of them.

Once he has a solid set of photographs of buildings or roofs, he adds the other layers. That then results in the collage and joint editing process, giving us a hint at the final digital rendition of what will be. There is no set pattern for this because the inherent content and the mood will direct the art and the final outcome. Once an interesting composition is formed, he adds some colour and texture as treatments to the piece. Post the edit he enjoys the process of adding several layers of colour and hand drawn art.. “For me, both come from my hands and are a fundamental part of my work”. Explains Jarosz about why this step is important for him. And voila! A North Avenue is here for us to see and experience.

Tim Jarosz and Celebration in His Art

As we stop and stare A North Avenue – we are confronted by the vibrancy of the colours. They punch out! Almost like the artists is celebrating with us, whilst simultaneously allowing our space to join his. It’s fascinating to me that a print, i.e., a 2D artwork achieves this. Jarosz’s work heightens our sense of what is already there.

There is no performance that we as viewer or audience are part of, except the act of enjoying and viewing the artwork. But our sense of immersion is very real. This becomes most noticeable when we separate the parts. For example, just look at the colours and not the shapes. And immediately you’ll notice the contrast, a deliberate choice by the artist to enhance our experience of the whole. For when we do zoom out and take in the buildings, the sky, and even the birds that are flying above A North Avenue, we see nothing but a sense fo beauty permeating the work. From the city that Tim Jarosz loves to our hearts, this work always walks into your space. Calmly, gently, pulling you into the story.

Other Details

Tim had worked as a graphic designer before he took up art. His love for photography was the tipping point for him to completely loose himself in the craft. This coupled with the intrinsic passion that he feels for the city of Chicago, his hometown – has given rise to his creative canvas.

It would be right to say that his work is a declaration of love for a city. He enjoys the simplicity of life there. Without great philosophical acrobatics to justify its production, Tim’s work is as natural as the search for beauty in the things that make up daily-life.

“I want my street photographs to serve to represent what I see every day and what I believe to be beautiful. I like to photograph us, graffiti, spaces and details that go through every day and are ignored. I try to capture images of spontaneous moments in the moment that are pure and unintentional.” Although some of my photographs are a little dark or sad, I still feel it’s beautiful.” Says Tim.

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