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Aarambha : Renooji & Divvya Nirula

A Digital Art Exhibition
Date : 12th January 2021
Artist(s) : Renooji & Divvya Nirula
Presented by Art From Us

Welcome to the first collaborative series of 2021 between Renooji and Divvya Nirula.

Aarambha 1 (2021), Renooji & Divvya Nirula

About the Exhibition

Welcome to the first collaborative series of 2021 between Renooji and myself. These works have been gestating in my consciousness since the year 2018, and I would reckon in Maa Renooji’s consciousness far beyond this time and place. Preparing the red canvases for the seeds was inviting and connecting to the wombs of all creation. The black – a manifestation of the umbilical rootedness of the seed of creation that is no longer waiting to burst forth – but has arrived. It is rooted, and sprouting from the Divine realms and that is where the gold comes in. The patterns, the swirls, the lines, the dots, are all visions from Divine spaces.

These works have been empowered with special meditative chants and healing energies, so that wherever they hang and reside, they will be creating and seeding new opportunity, and resonating with creativity and life force energies. These healing artworks come to you at a special time in the journey of mankind, where the Aarambha breath is most needed – to restart, rejuvenate, and reignite the course we have set ourselves on. Affirming this course is blessed and empowered by spiritual strength, breathing in the Divine grace and breathing out actions of goodness.

As you come and breathe with us, as we all breathe together, Maa Renooji points us to her teachings and I share some of it here with you.

“We must understand that as the seed-pod explodes and the seeds in our karmic-kumbh begin to swell and grow and sprout, we know that we do not have the time to make this change gradually, it must be and is instantaneous. As healers globally we have one thinking mind and our collective intellect realises this – that man is on the edge of a precipice, that he is going to destroy himself, no religions, no gods, no saviours, no masters and all the nonsense of ‘others changing for us’ is going to prevent man’s self-destruction. Through the triad of the Guru, the Divine and the Healing Light, man finds an escape pod. How? We must connect to our inner-heart and release our karmic records of self-actualisation that are completely self-oriented, self-worthy and inspiring us, motivating us to love the world that we live in.”

– Divvya Nirula

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