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Established in 2014 – in Singapore and India by our Director Divvya Nirula, Art From Us is a Collective that brings curated narratives aimed at engaging with collectors and the lay-man through experiential landscapes.

Art From Us aims to bring shows, artists, creations, objects, collaborations and ideas to a global audience with our unique aesthetic. When looking for these collaborations we aim for the art to be easy to digest, exciting to consume and collect.

Within an Indian context, this means providing works across states, mediums and styles. Be it visual, spiritual or performance-based, at affordable price-points. Thus, giving you the collector – be it a newbie or an aficionado, a fun, light and joyful art experience.


Our Director, Divvya Nirula applies her education and knowledge-base in Psychology and Sociology within the fields of Contemporary and Modern Art. Furthermore, the larger vision for Art From Us is to promote Indian Arts and Crafts as a way of life, beyond consumerism and objectification. Working closely with those that strive for contemporaneity in a traditional laden cultural context, young or old, we aim to present fresh visual narratives.

ART FROM US Going Forth…

Firstly, Art From Us collaborated with those individuals, institutions,  foundations or initiatives that work with amalgamated forms of art, across creative platforms and showcases new and established talent. Art From Us is constantly looking for long-term projects with artists and creatives in order to realise technique and concept-driven ideas.

“There are many realities available to us, the ones we see, the ones we know, the ones we are told, and the ones we choose to remember. Art allows us to access the twisted and in-between realities – at times unravelling, and at times entangling us further.”

– Divvya Nirula

The Art From Us Gallery is all geared up for our next season of Shows, Events and Exhibitions – so, come on in – step into our world as we create together…

From the mystical and magical to the real and imagined – we share with you our deepest desires and treasures.

With every show, every artist, every event and happening – Art From Us and I Divvya Nirula , are committed to curate and present art that moves you, inspires you and makes you want to join the ‘Art From Us Collective’

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