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Who are we?

Established in 2014 – in Singapore and India, Art From Us is a Collective headed by me – Divvya Nirula and my Mentor, Mother, Guru – Renooji. Our aim is to bring curated narratives, artworks and artefacts informed by our spiritual practices. The website is primarily to showcase and highlights, artists, artworks, movements and the trends in the art-world that catch our attention.

Art From Us bring shows, creations, objects, and ideas to a global audience with our unique aesthetic. As we create we share the art from us with all of you – for your understanding, connection and healing.

Renooji and I work across various styles and mediums – be it visual, spiritual or performance-based. The Art that results in our co-joined effort is an exploration of the world we live in. From themes and mediums about Divinity expressed through Tanjore Painting in a modern form in Mystic Rende-Vous. Or be it giving form to the Bindu through the Kavacch and VivÄ“kkaa series. Each and every body of work has been a joyous process of creation.

ART FROM US Presents

Applying my education and knowledge-base in Psychology and Sociology within the fields of Contemporary and Modern Art is a pleasure. Delving into our place within a historical and linguistic context of experience fuel my personal investigations into the Self. This in turn informs my spiritual and artistic practices. Working closely with Renooji as a collaborative-duo is a privilege. It is an honour to create in spaces of deep meditation and reflection in togetherness. As we begin out process, each medium is chosen in connection with what we see, know and experience. These experiences are then manifested into beautiful works of art that range across media and style. Our experience becomes your experience, be it as viewer or collector.

ART FROM US in the Beginning and Now

In 2014, we took our first steps into the Art World with the intention to create narratives of collaboration and story-telling. The aim then was to bring contemporaneity in the tradition-laden cultural context. We achieved that through working beside and supporting various artists across styles and vision, from various parts of the country and globe. A large part of our team continues to be dedicated to this. Along with this, institutions and private collectors are also part of our consultancy base. As with everything in the Universe, we welcome change and transformation. There is timely reflection and asking of questions pertaining to our purpose and path.

The Questions

Where do the Artists, the Galleries, the Institutions, the Patrons and the Collectors stand today? Especially in a post COVID world how does and where does artistic expression find new ground? Is it tech, or will it always be us craving that human experience of “in real life”, in situ. Have evolving AI and blockchain technology heralded a new NFT laden art-world ?

As the questions evolve, the world evolves and so do the answers we find. And in this journey of seeking and discovery we create.

“There are many realities available to us. The ones we see, the ones we know, the ones we are told, and the ones we choose to remember. Art allows us to access the twisted and in-between realities. At times unravelling, and at times entangling us further.” – Divvya Nirula


The Art From Us Gallery is paused for all in person showings and Exhibits at the moment (January – April 2022). However, we are continuing with our virtual exhibitions, shows, lectures, art appreciation gatherings and events. Keep up to date with all our upcoming events via our Art From Us Facebook Page. In the mean time feel free to go through the art we’ve created and presented in past Exhibitions. Looking forward to inviting you into the Gallery and getting to know your own personal art journey. Join our Art History & Philosophy Lecture Series and keep a look out for our Art Camps and Residencies. 

From the mystical and magical to the real and imagined – we share with you our deepest desires and treasures. Our creations are from our heart and home to yours. As you explore the website know that our aim is in providing you with a curated experience of some aspects of the world of Art and Healing that are dear to us. Explore, read, share, see and enjoy!

With every show, every artist, & every event – we are committed to present art that moves and heals you. Curated with the aim to inspire you we invite you to join the ‘Art From Us Collective’

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