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An Explosion : Renooji & Divvya Nirula


Art From Us Exhibitions Presents : An Explosion

Art From Us presents its second exhibition of the 2019-2020 Winter Art Calendar. Titled – An Explosion, this exhibition showcases 14 works on 12-inch x 12-inch primed wooden boards. The healing and creative mother-daughter duo – Renooji and Divvya Nirula, explore line and colour by approaching one another’s gestures on canvas. Using ink, acrylic and oils – brush, hand and palette knife, the two find a way to communicate with the mediums, each other and us.

The Road Trip where this collaboration began

Both Renooji and Divvya Nirula state that their collaborative process really came into its current form in 2015. Having travelled 9 states in a life-changing road-trip, they both came back rejuvenated, vitalised and with a renewed purpose for their personal, creative and spiritual lives. As they charted new ways of being in this world an evolution happened – where their artistic expression came together. In a sort of AN EXPLOSION! Hence the title of this show. The first such collection of their work occurred in 2016 with Art From Us Presents. That show had 11 large wooden panels or murals, all averaging 6-feet x 4-feet in dimensions, or more.

Time & Change – the size of the artworks

The latest show by Art From Us that brings the collaboration of Renooji and Divvya Nirula once again comes after 4 years. In that time they have co-created and channelled over 38 Murals, which have travelled to many homes, offices, hospitals, children’s orphanages and spaces across India and the Globe. They are currently working on larger works for their joint exhibition next month (December 2019). Whilst they both were in the studio, creating – An Explosion was born from smaller pieces of wood that they found were calling to them – Paint Us! Paint Us! When deciding the title of the show, Renooji said –

“The energy when creating these works was electric – explosive in a positive way – like life being created.”

This is how this exhibition has come to be. We look forward to you joining us on 30th November 2019, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Art From Us The Gallery, 5 Plumeria Lane, Dera Mandi Greens, East Circular Road, Dera Gaon, New Delhi – 110074. Come for a special viewing in The Gallery’s terrace and definitely take one of these life-affirming works with you.

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