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Art Anecdotes : Klimt – The Casanova

Through ART ANECDOTES, Art From Us brings you funny, heart-warming and sometimes heartbreaking stories that shape Artists and their work. Today we look at the story of “Klimt – The Casanova”

Art From Us and Divvya Nirula bring to you a curated collection of Art related events, from suspected murder, to love affairs, to grand theft and curious cases of creation through ART ANECDOTES. Join us on this fun-filled ride of exploring and reliving these art-tales.

Gustav Klimt – The Artist

Gustav Klimt, was an Austrian artist who was spopulary seen to be a Symbolist painter. Noteworthily, he was one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Art Nouveau (Vienna Secession) movement. His early work had a classical style that was typical of the late 19th-century academic style of painting.

As Vienna Sezession, a group of painters revolted against academic art. His work was intensely erotic and it was the opposite of the conventional style of painting. His style paved the way for modernists of the future.

Klimt was a deeply private character, who rarely wrote or talked about his art.

Klimt the lover

Klimt was a cat lover and kept various felines. His belief was that cat pee functioned as a fixative for his works. The scent was terrible, yet more awful were his crushed works that would almost certainly be worth millions today.

To state Klimt was into ladies would be an understatement. His studio was known as a ‘bordello’ and for good reason. Apparently there was quite often stripped woman models relaxing in his studio during various times and he urged them to don’t hesitate to ‘explore’ themselves. In the meanwhile, he watched for ‘artistic’ inspiration.

He is known to have ‘relations’ with various prostitutes. As a result, over numerous years he contracted syphilis. it is evaluated that he fathered up to sixteen children and some are unnumbered.

Intriguingly, he painted ladies naked before covering them with garments. Sex is at the center of his work and ladies were his passion. Nevertheless, he was a womaniser.

He was intimately involved with a lot of his models, including married ladies. His nearest and most suffering relationship was not with one of his numerous sweethearts however with Emilie Flöge. They shared an intimate friendship and she was his sister-in-law. She was the owner of Viennese fashion salon. She was the one lady, whom he appeared to regard over all others. At the point when he endured a stroke in 1918,  he was said to have articulated the words, “Send for Emilie”.

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