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Art Anecdotes : The Stabbing at Art Basel Miami 2015

Through ART ANECDOTES, Art From Us brings you funny, heart-warming and sometimes heartbreaking stories that shape Artists and their work. Today we look at the story of The Stabbing at Art Basel Miami 2015.

Art From Us and Divvya Nirula bring to you a curated collection of Art related events, from suspected murder, to love affairs, to grand theft and curious cases of creation through ART ANECDOTES. Join us on this fun-filled ride of exploring and reliving these art-tales.

As we approach December, there are a couple of things about the season that we look forward to – Christmas, the crisp winter chill and of course, Art Basel Miami! We reminisce about our previous experiences at the art fair and one incident in particular comes to mind.

A Strange ‘Performance’ : The Stabbing at Art Basel Miami 2015

Art Basel Miami 2015 was a celebrity studded affair as usual. Glimpses of famous faces between corridors full of iconic artworks – what a treat! What was unusual about the evening of December 4 however, was a untoward incident some of the visitors had to witness.

A woman was repeatedly stabbed in the neck by another lady, who had reportedly been following her around the fair. The incident took place in the fair’s Nova sector, which focuses on young artists. The people in the vicinity mistook the crime for Performance Art, right until the police demarcated the area as a crime scene.

Investigating the Incident

Investigation revealed that the two women did not know each other. The victim had been stabbed in the neck with a craft knife and was given medical attention after most people figured out that the incident was NOT A PERFORMANCE. The accused was identified as Siyuan Zhao, a 24 year old student from New York. She was charged with attempted felony murder.

Authorities recorded Zhao admitting to the crime, explaining that she ‘…had to kill her and two more. I had to watch her bleed.” She was arrested and later taken to TGK Correctional Center.

Meanwhile, some oblivious fair-goers continued to stroll around and admire art.

Legal Ramifications

In April 2016, following a treatment for psychosis, Zhao pleaded guilty to second degree attempted murder. The court ordered her to pay $9,900 in restitution and submit a 50-page apology book to the victim.

It was also ordered that Zhao be deported to China and be denied entry into the United States for perpetuity.

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