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Devalokaas : Renooji & Divvya Nirula

A Digital Art Exhibition
Date : 16th February 2021
Artist(s) : Renooji & Divvya Nirula
Presented by Art From Us in collaboration with Star Light Company

Have you arrived here, on this page, at this exhibition with the same question I had when discussing the visions, energies and inspiration for these mystical artworks – ‘What is Devalokaas?’ Well, aren’t we lucky that Maa Renooji has given us an answer that allows us to glimpse what these might be, she says :

“The Devalokaas are subtle beings holding the architectural knowledge of the 41 Lokaas (Realms) – these are my personal interactions, visions and Divine impressions to bring their blessings and their knowledge along with their personalised energies into a home or office – to create a symphony of protection from all ills from this universe. This current series is 21 of the 41 – the other 20 are here, in my heart and vision, but shall be given form perhaps later this year.”

– Renooji
Devalokaas 7 (2021), Renooji & Divvya Nirula

About the Exhibition

For many scholars and students of Vedic scriptures, across multiple schools of thought – from Samkhya, to Mimansa, Yoga to Advaita, and from the Puranas and Upanishads to Vedanta as we know it today, have all explored the presence and purpose of these subtle beings, these Devas.

You’ll find them across global religions such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, to name a few, for they have all explored Devas, albeit it in other forms and titles.

Perhaps you are more familiar with the Kherubi, Dominion and Angel sects of Devas as described within Christianity. Or perhaps you recognise the Deva of Resurrection as described in Islam – with the name or title ‘Israfil’ along with the others – Mikhail (for protection) , Jibrail (presiding over revelations), and Azrael (presiding over death).

Within the loosely called “Hindu” canon there are multiple definitions for Devas and hence Devalokaas (the realms where the Devas reside). It is extremely important to note that this series and Renooji’s visions move away from the bindings of religious theology. They are cosmic in nature, true across religions, time and place for these Devalokaas are very real, very palpable, and very much here with us through these artworks.

It was and is a privilege to have worked on bringing Maa Renooji’s visions to this realm as assistant and collaborator for the Devalokaas.

The colours, the beings and the vibrational energies have all been glimpsed and recorded on these wooden canvases by both of us. The metal, glass, paint and wood all become one to give us the peaks and valleys, the rivers and oceans of the Devalokaas. There is a certain element of movement in each work that takes us beyond the here and now. So, come travel with us, discover and hold close these subtle, magical beings!

– Divvya Nirula

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