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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : British Museum : Room 2

Today we arrive at British Museum Room 2 – Collecting the World, for our weekly Museum Guide excursion, led by Divvya Nirula.

The Collecting the World gallery celebrates prominent collectors and donors of the British Museum. Presented here are our top three must-see objects on view here. Next time you visit the museum, do not miss these!

1. Palm-wine Cup, by Unknown
2. Hermit Crab figure, by Unknown
3. Ojime, by Unknown

Image credit for artworks : British Museum

Some fun facts about the Museum :

  • The history of the British Museum dates back to 1753 when it was established through an Act of Parliament. This gallery takes us on a journey back in time, to when and how the Museum was created.
  • Back when it was founded, the Museum was free, but visitors had to strictly come by appointment only.
  • The initial collection – known as the founding collection – was donated by Sir Hans Sloan. Sir Sloan was a wealthy physician and naturalist. He bequeathed over 70,000 rare artefacts to the British Government. These were then split up between the British Museum, the British Library and the Natural History Museum in London.
  • This gallery opened in 2014. It features and names some of the many supporters of the British Museum over the years. And gives face to the names that helped bring together and curate the Museum’s vast collection of international artefacts.

A Final Thought :

In true Museum style, this gallery is dedicated to the rich history of the Museum itself. Which of course, in entwined with the stories of some many individuals, organisations, people and cultures from around the world. It is truly fascinating to get a glimpse into how the British Museum came to be the treasure trove of worldly artefacts that it is recognised to be today.

Visit Art From Us Archive for Museum Guide collated by Divvya Nirula. Here you shall find more suggestions on where you should visit next. And what you should see there. 

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