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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : Harvard Art Museums : Room 2210

Harvard Art Museums – Room 2210

Art From Us, Museum Guide #867

Art From Us presents a must-see Museum Guide daily, where we showcase specific artworks in specific museums – from across the globe. Today, for Art From Us, Museum Guide #867 the spotlight is on the Harvard Art Museums’ Room 2210. Showcasing a collection of  the West Arcade.

The three works in focus are :

The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, Giovanni Battista Caracciolo, c. 1625
The Drunken Silenus, Francesco Francanzano, 1640s
Samuel Anointing Saul, Francois de Nome, c. 1625-1650

The significance of the 3 works chosen for Art From Us, Museum Guide #867

Most works in the collection of the West Arcade at the Harvard Art Museums originate from Italy, from the early to mid 17th century. By this time, the Italian Renaissance had drawn to a close and the country’s economy was slowly dwindling.

The 17th century artists in Italy were still borrowing scenes, ideas and characters from mythology for their paintings. For anyone interested in exploring the Italian history of art, this period of transition in Italy is of great importance. For students, scholars and art lovers alike, the Harvard Art Museums’ collection at the West Arcade at Room 2210 provides great context to the nascent years of the Baroque movement and the ending of the Italian Renaissance.

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