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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : Harvard Art Museums : Room 2600

Harvard Art Museums – Room 2600

Art From Us, Museum Guide #881

Art From Us presents a must-see Museum Guide daily, where we showcase specific artworks in specific museums – from across the globe. Today, for Art From Us, Museum Guide #881 the spotlight is on the Harvard Art Museums’ Room 2600. Showcasing a collection of East Asian Painting and Decorative Arts.

The three works in focus are :

Vase in the Shape of an Archaic Jade ‘Cong’ Ritual Implement, 1736-1795
Charger with Foliate Rim and Peacock Decoration, mid-14th century
Vase in the Form of an Archaic Bronze ‘Fanghu’ Jar, 1368-1644

The significance of the 3 works chosen for Art From Us, Museum Guide #881

The art objects and artefacts housed in Room 2600 of the Harvard Art Museums originate predominantly from China and Japan. The collections includes everyday household objects that were used in these countries across various different centuries and time periods.

Both China and Japan have distinct artistic traditions, the influences of which spread globally when the the Europeans invaded the South and South East Asia. For instance, when the fascination for traditional Chinese ceramics, which are now considered collectibles, spread to Europe.

Apart from highlighting certain cultural practices from South East Asia, this gallery also gives the viewer a chance to witness the way of life of the people living in these regions. The collection houses everyday objects including plates, vases and other decorative things which allow for a peek into the daily lives of people inhabiting these regions.

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