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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : Reina Sofia : Room 428

Today we arrive at Reina Sofia’s Room 428 – The Critical Image Figuration in Spain, for our weekly Museum Guide excursion, led by Divvya Nirula.

Presented here are our top three must-see objects on view here. Next time you visit the museum, do not miss these!

1. Spectator of Spectators, 1972, by Equipo Crónica
2. Professional Deformation, 1966, by Equipo Crónic
3. Desk, 1977, by Equipo Crónica

Image credit for artworks : Reina Sofia

Some fun facts about the Museum :

  • The Reina Sofia Museum prides itself in presenting art in a relational way, wherein there exist no hierarchies of good or bad, important or not important. It offers a multitude of stories and histories that run parallel to one another. And the viewer is free to decide how to approach these through the vast collection of art that is on view.
  • The Museum believes that they are not the owners, but merely the trustees or safe-keepers of the treasures that are housed within the building. They act not as gatekeepers of high art, but as a community for discussion and dialogue.
  • Lastly, the Museum openly welcomes all those who offer their support or lend a helping hand. Be it social groups, individuals, institutions, educational organisations or governments. Collaborations, they believe, are the only way forward, to truly make the art museum a space for the masses, for the public, for the community.

A Final Thought :

The role of the art museum has drastically changed over the past century. While still crucial, museums no longer enjoy the unchallenged power and unlimited financial support they once did. In this regard, change is imminent. Flexibility and efficiency must be at the core of all public art institutions, and the Reina Sofia excels in this regard.

Visit Art From Us Archive for Museum Guide collated by Divvya Nirula. Here you shall find more suggestions on where you should visit next. And what you should see there. 

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