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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : Tate Liverpool : George Grosz

Today we arrive Tate Liverpool – George Grosz, for our Museum Guide excursion, led by Divvya Nirula.

The art in this gallery explores structures of the modern city. Presented here are our top three works to see here. Next time you visit the museum, do not miss these!

1. suicide, 1916, by George Grosz
2. truisms, 1984, by Jenny Holzer
3. make art not war, 1997 by Bob and Roberta Smith

Image credit for artworks : Tate Liverpool

Some fun facts about the Museum : George Grosz collection

  • Curated in constellation style, this gallery is dedicated to the works of George Grosz and his contemporaries.
  • Grosz was born in Berlin in 1893. He attended the Dresden Academy and the School of Arts & Crafts in Berlin.
  • Influenced by the war, much of his art was a reaction to violence. It often features anti-war imagery, calling out corruption in Germany. In fact, Grosz was even prosecuted for expressing sentiments against authority and the army.
  • In the 30s, he travelled to America, in search of friendlier shores. But the impact of the war did not leave his psyche. His works were still steeped in pain and misery. Even when he tried to escape these histories.
  • Grosz also taught at the Art Students League in New York for a brief period. He then returned to Berlin in 1958.

A Final Thought

Tate Liverpool, along with the Liverpool Biennale, is responsible city’s popularity as a centre for art and culture. The Tate of the North, as it was once called, opened its doors in May 1988. In 2008, Liverpool was declared the European Capital of Culture. An unimaginable feat – impossible without the establishment of a strong gallery such as the Tate.

Visit Art From Us Archive for Museum Guide collated by Divvya Nirula. Here you shall find more suggestions on where you should visit next. And also what you should see there. 

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