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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : Tate Modern : A View From São Paulo – Abstraction & Society

Today we arrive Tate Modern – A View from São Paulo : Abstraction & Society. For our weekly Museum Guide excursion, led by Divvya Nirula.

This gallery is part of the ‘Artist & Society’ exhibits and is curated by Matthew Gale. Presented here are our top three must-see objects on view here. Next time you visit the museum, do not miss these!

1. Abstract Composition, 1934, by Jean Hélion
2. Abstract in White, Green, Black, Blue, Red, Grey and Pink, 1963, by Victor Pasmore
3. Composition B (No.II) with Red, 1935, by Piet Mondrian

Image credit for artworks : Tate Modern

Some fun facts about the Museum :

  • This gallery houses works of abstraction that were created by various artists in the 20th century.
  • The collection showcased focuses on Latin American art, as well as art from Europe. It is reminiscent of the era when the  São Paulo Biennial had just been founded.
  • The art, thought abstract, is politically charged. It rejects conformism and challenges socio-cultural norms.
  • Historically, Abstraction in visual art was embraced in the post-war era, when artists were driven by the need to break away from traditional modes of creation, to make something that was scandalous, and that questioned the status-quo.

A Final Thought :

The gallery is part of a series of exhibits, each of which focuses on the art of a different city in the world. Through this, the viewer is given a full spectrum of perspectives about art and how it was created and consumed in the 20th century, all over the world. The establishing of the  São Paulo Biennial marked an especially important time in the development and popularisation of Latin American art in the international art market.

Visit Art From Us Archive for Museum Guide collated by Divvya Nirula. Here you shall find more suggestions on where you should visit next. And what you should see there. 

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