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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : Tate Modern : Civil War

Today we arrive Tate Modern – Civil War, for our Museum Guide excursion, led by Divvya Nirula.

This gallery explores the impact of the numerous civil wars of the 20th century on the art of the time. Presented here are our top three must-see objects on view here. Next time you visit the museum, do not miss these!

1. Weeping  Woman, 1937 by Pablo Picasso
2. Autumnal Cannibalism, 1936, by Salvador Dali
3. Martyred Spain, 1937, by André Fougeron

Image credit for artworks : Tate Modern

Some fun facts about the Museum :

  • The 20th century witnessed numerous civil wars around the world – in Spain, Greece, Russia, China, Sudan etc. War seemed to be a constant theme in this period of human history. Especially since both the World Wars also occurred in this time. Thus, one cannot discuss 20th century art without considering the impact of this unrest and violence on art.
  • While many artists embraced abstraction to express themselves, others stuck to figuration. However, the type of figuration that developed during this time was very different than what the world had seen during the high renaissance and the periods after it.
  • Artists now showed the human body as a victim of pain – bent, twisted and tortured.

A Final Thought : Art & Civil War

It is also important to remember while visiting this gallery, that the 20th century also saw the decolonisation of many countries around the globe. Of course, this process was also marked by strife, pain, protests and revolution. There was unrest all around the world – and this is very palpable when one views the art created during that time.

Visit Art From Us Archive for Museum Guide collated by Divvya Nirula. Here you shall find more suggestions on where you should visit next. And what you should see there. 

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