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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : The Metropolitan Museum of Art : Gallery 547

The MET : Gallery 547 : French Decorative Arts: Bordeaux Room

Art From Us, Museum Guide #651

Art From Us presents a must-see Museum Guide daily, where we showcase specific artworks in specific museums – from across the globe. Today, for Art From Us, Museum Guide #651 the spotlight is on the Metropolitan Museum NY’s Gallery 547. Showcasing a collection of French Decorative Arts: Bordeaux Room.

The three works in focus are :

  1. Cupid (L’amour Menacant), Sevres Manufactory, after 1761.
  2. Game Table, David Roentgen, ca. 1780-83.
  3. Psyche (La Nymphe Falconet), Sevres Manufactory, after 1761.

The significance of the 3 works chosen for Art From Us, Museum Guide #651

Gallery 547 at the MET houses decorative objects from 17th and 18th century France. Many of these objects are made of Sevres porcelain from the Sevres Manufactory.

A Brief History of the Sevres Manufactory

The Sevres Manufactory was first established as the Vincennes factory in 1738, financed by King Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour. The manufactory and continues to be one of the chief European producers of decorative objects. The factory relocated to Sèvres, Hauts-de-Seine, France in the late 1700s.

Christie’s specialist Matilda Burn explains :

“Sèvres is a particularly documentary factory in this respect, as painters and gilders were allowed to add their ‘mark’ on pieces they worked on in order to identify themselves. Many of these painters and the pieces they worked on are noted in factory records (now held in the archives at Sèvres) and are therefore identifiable.”

Regarding the significance of this institution, Burns further highlights :

“…Sèvres was a popular factory for the commission and production of royal and diplomatic gifts, as well as for direct purchases by royal families and the aristocracy. Marie Antoinette was an early supporter, ordering vase garnitures, teawares and dinner-services.”

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