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Devalokaas Continued ( 6 January 2021 to 24 July 2021) showcased and completed the series of artworks envisioned by Renooji and Divvya Nirula. A theme that looked at creating a visual manifestation of Renooji’s visions of what she describes as, “The architects of the various lokas (realms).”

Part one in an artistic collaboration between Renooji & Divvya Nirula that resulted in 46 artworks, 2 exhibitions and a 2 years and 5 months journey that was Devalokaas (6 January 2021 to 24 July 2021). These works were displayed to the world in two batches. These visions of Renooji’s found expression on traditional canvas and wood through the use of ink, gold and acrylic paints.

Aarambha was truly special as an exhibition as it took the handicraft talent of the Star Light Company and brought to life the sound of the Universe – OM- through these intimate wooden canvases. The seed of life explored through this body of artwork co-created by Renooji and Divvya Nirula is intimate and through provoking. It was a one day event that took place on 12th January 2021.

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