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Art From Us Presents : Tanjore

Art From Us and Divvya Nirula bring you a very special exhibition showcasing the ancient Indian art-form of Tanjore painting. This is a style and technique that dates back to the 15th century AD. For those who are familiar with this technique – we believe you will enjoy these exquisite works. For the uninitiated – we invite you to come and discover!

Tanjore Painting

The Tanjore art-form originated from 1600 AD, from the princely state of Thanjavur, near present day Tamil Nadu. The Maratha kingdom supported the arts – be it music, dance, performance or painting.

Tanjore paintings are like gilded panels of worship and indulgence. They are traditionally old, jeweled and embellished gods and goddesses on wooded board, primed with rice paste and water. Owing to this, these works were historically placed in temples or the palaces of Hindu Kings.

Initially these gilded and embellished depictions of the Gods were to serve as accents in the Palaces of the Kings. A distinction was made between the sculptures of worship that were placed in temples, and those which could be housed domestically for visual pleasure. The latter, in modern terminology, serve as items of interior decoration.

History of Tanjore

It is noteworthy that in the past, Kings commissioned this style of painting and used them as architectural enhancements. However, we must not disregard the process of creating the works. The Tanjore Artist’s process is, above all, one of purity and devotion. Ritual, as in almost all aspects of Hindu-life, is at the forefront of the life of the Tanjore painter.

Today the demand for these works across India and the globe is so vast that the Tanjore painting practice is very much alive, and the Tanjore artist is busy creating.

We invite you to partake of this timeless legacy in through this exhibition. Register with us to get up to date information of the when and where.

With the need of the hour being self-isolation, social-distancing and quarantine due to the coronavirus all our events and exhibitions have been suspended untill further notice.

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