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Art From Us Presents : The River of Life

The River of Life

Inspired by the conversation below, these particular words and phrases – Art From Us presents – The River of Life. An exhibition that is very real and very virtual. How? you ask, the answer is this – it is a collaboration of divinity and of the mundane materiality.

As we wander the Unvierse on this spaceship called Mother Earth, we discover what we need, we learn how to survive, we nurture the other and the self, we mourn the lost and the dead. There is more to learn, more to gather, more to share – but for now, we must stop, heal, forgive and love…for the river of life is not just here, but there….

Renooji, talking to Divvya Nirula about the journey from the material to the spiritual
10th March, 2020

In this exhibition, The River of Life, Divvya Nirula and Renooji present their collection of Ganesha idols and circular plates. The idols represent the physical manifestation of worship and devotion. Whereas the circular plates represent our needs as humans to gather. The plate is a representation of a place, a memory, a gift, a creative act and sometimes an abstract idea. How these two objects – made of matter can mean something so varied and changing, is at the heart of this conversation. We are hosting these intimate circles or gatherings to experience the space and the objects within that space. Also, let us not forget, we too are conscious beings with agency of thought and action within this space.

Join us for the River of Life sessions and dive deep into our sub-consciousness. Register with us to get up to date information of the when and where. There is always a seat for you, as we question how these objects affect us in the here and now. Come share the tales of your own collections, your own objects that embody your divinity and your materiality.

With the need of the hour being self-isolation, social-distancing and quarantine due to the coronavirus all our events and exhibitions have been suspended untill further notice.

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