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Through Art Market & You, Art From Us provides you Analysis, Opinion and Factual Reports regarding the current on-goings of the Global Art Market. In this article, we explore the art censorship on Facebook.

Censorship on Facebook

Facebook has earned itself a bad reputation in the art world through its censorship of nude art. In the era where a citizen’s right to the freedom of expression is at the forefront of almost all debates, the social media platform seems to be grappling with their policy towards nudity. In the recent past, the site has blocked even major galleries and museums from posting images of nude artworks, including “Women Lovers” by Charles Blackman and even art from the Renaissance. Following widespread protests on the social networking site, Facebook eventually had to change their policies in 2018 to allow for certain types to be displayed on their site.

The art world however, remained unhappy as the site seems to place tighter restrictions on female nudity in particular. In the first week on June 2019, as part of the National Coalition Against Censorship’s #WeTheNipple campaign, photographer Spencer Tunik organized and photographed a nude flash mob outside the Facebook headquarters in New York.

In a letter addressed to Facebook, the NCAC highlighted the discrimination between treatment of male and female nudity on the site, while acknowledging the challenges of filtering user generated content. According to sources, the social media giant has finally sat up, taken notice and agreed to meet with the activists to discuss the predicament. 

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