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Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills

The Gagosian Gallery is one of the biggest names in the international art world. It has franchises in cities around the globe. In addition, the Gagosian gallery was founded around the 70s by Larry Gagosian. In its latest venture, the gallery plans to expand to 90210 – Beverly Hills.

Where Art Meets Pasta

The Gallery is set to re-open its doors in 2020. This blue-chip gallery is set to share its space with the world renowned pasta chef Evan Funke, and Gusto 54 Restaurant Group. The new space approximately covers a total area of  9,500 square feet. What are they going to do there? It will mainly be occupied by Funke’s new restaurant. The Gagosian gets to use the remaining space as it pleases. Some feel they might store art here, whilst others predict they shall dispaly here. In addition to this, the gallery will curate the restaurant’s display collection.

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