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Art Market & You : #METOO AT TARQ

#MeToo at Tarq

Through Art Market & You, Art From Us provides you with Analysis, Opinion and Factual Reports regarding the current on-goings of the Global Art Market. In this article, we look at #MeToo at Tarq.

On October 11, 2018, TARQ gallery in Mumbai proudly opened its exhibition ‘Datura’ featuring the works of photographer Shahid Datawala. The show which was to be on until November 24, 2018 featured stills from nature which were captured by the artist in his travels around Mumbai and Paris. On October 18 however, the gallery announced a sudden closure of the exhibition. The reason stated was that the artist had been accused of sexual misconduct by Amaaya Dasgupta over social media. The gallery stated that while the matter is being investigated, it felt that discontinuing the show would be most appropriate.

The gallery further went on to clarify that they were not aware of the allegations when the exhibition was being planned. They also confirmed their complete support and solidarity towards the movement.

While legal systems around the world seem to be struggling to keep pace with the #metoo movement, social justice has predominantly been swift and unforgiving. Public and private institutions alike want to steer clear of any association with alleged sex offenders – irrespective of whether their motivations are driven by ethics or merely social pressure.

While we acknowledge that sexual misconduct can work both ways, we do wonder whether the movement will finally better the market for female artists.


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