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Art & Politics : Canva Fights Coronavirus

Today for Art & Politics we are looking at Canva and its Fight Against Coronavirus.

Through Art & Politics, Art From Us and Divvya Nirula bring you stories new and old of the symbiotic nature of art and politics!

Businesses and creative platforms are doing their bit in this fight against COVID-19. In their own capacity, everyone seems ready to help.

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An info-graphic by Canva on the proper use of masks
Image Courtesy : Canva

Canva is a platform that is used by designers worldwide. Consequently, their global reach is very wide. It is therefore interesting that the platform has quite the ingenious way to spread awareness about Coronavirus – through their users! The graphic design platform has created numerous social media-friendly templates. These templates delineate the WHO guidelines for controlling the Coronavirus pandemic. They are both attractive as well as informative. Canva is encouraging its users to share these freely on all platforms. Despite the panic caused by the situation, they believe being in the know, helps us be safe. Hence, this is their initiative, in a bid to get the information across to as many people as possible. We absolutely love the idea.

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