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Art & Politics : Google Doodles Against Coronavirus

Today for Art & Politics we are looking at the Google Doodle against Coronavirus.

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Google’s Famous Doodle

As we log in to our computers everyday – for work or otherwise. It’s safe to say there’s a great deal of curiosity about what the day’s Google Doodle might be. This is because the search-engine giant is always coming up with innovative ways to honour the past or report on the present.

Google honours Ignaz Semmelweis

On 20th March 2020, Google’s doodle was in honour of Ignaz Semmelweis – since this man essentially made hand-washing look cool and important. The animated video shows the Hungarian physician holding up a timer. Additionally, a pair of hands demonstrate the 6 correct and effective steps to hand-washing. Semmelweis worked at the Vienna General Hospital. Consequently, he recognised that proper hand-washing can reduce the transmission of diseases.

A printable wall-chart by Google on proper hand-washing techniques
Image courtesy : Google

One of the primary guidelines by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to stop the pandemic is proper hand-washing. Therefore, this video could not have been more timely.

Despite the widespread panic in the industry, Google has taken a positive step. Owing to this video, the masses have access to information about basic hygiene.

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