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Art & Politics : Youtube Responds to Coronavirus

Today for Art & Politics we are looking at Youtube’s Response to Coronavirus.

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Need of the Hour

Various corporates and organisations worldwide have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic in different ways. Some in sheer panic. Further, some have viewed it as an opportunity to ameliorate the suffering of people. Others have viewed it as an opportunity to monetise upon. However, there are some who have taken a personal responsibility towards spreading awareness about the disease. They have achieved this through the various platforms, with the intention of curbing its spread. Today, we consider Youtube’s initiative.


Youtube Cares

Following the spread of Coronavirus, people all across the globe lock their doors are prepare for month-long lockdowns. Therefore, binge-watching one’s favourite web-series is a given. The video platform Youtube has put a link to the WHO website on their homepage. Thus, Every time a user lands on their homepage, they see the link. Consequently, this gives them an opportunity to educate themselves about Coronavirus.

The strategy employed focuses on spreading awareness. It is simple, yet effective. Especially considering a large part of the world’s population has internet access. After all, most of us log on to Youtube to listen to music, watch videos and more regularly.

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