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Art From Us MUSEUM GUIDE : The Metropolitan Museum of Art : Gallery 246

The MET : Gallery 246 : Southeast Asian Art

Art From Us Museum Guide #564

Art From Us presents a must-see Museum Guide daily, where we showcase specific artworks in specific museums – from across the globe. Today, for Art From Us, Museum Guide #564 the spotlight is on the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET) NY’s Gallery 246. Showcasing a collection of Southeast Asian Art. 

The three works in focus are :

  1. The miracle of shravasti, 7th – 9th century.
  2. Seated buddha flanked by two bodhisattvas, late 7th – 9th century.
  3. Seated buddha flanked by two bodhisattvas, late 7th – 9th century.

The significance of the 3 works chosen for Art From Us, Museum Guide #564

Welcome to the Art From Us, Museum Guide #564.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gallery 246 is a continuation in the journey of discovering Southeast Asian art through the MET collection. The three works chosen today focus on Buddha.

According to Buddhist mythology, the Miracle of Shravasti, got its name from the place where it was performed (a district in Uttar Pradesh, India), by the Buddha, a few years after his enlightenment. It is also know as the twin miracle (Yamaka Patihariya) as it is charaterised by the simultaneous occurrence of opposing phenomenon. The Buddha emanated fire from his upper body and water from his lower body, while standing under a mango tree, . He is said to have been standing on a path laden with jewels, while he performed this miracle. This legend, as seen in Art From Us, Museum Guide #564 is often depicted in Buddhist artefacts.

All three of the objects represented above are from Thailand, from the Mon-Dvaravati period. You may find it interesting to note that all three objects are made of terracotta, plaques of which were being produced throughout Thailand at the time.

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