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Art Watch : Raya Sader Bujana

Raya Sader Bujana is our Art Watch Artist for today. This section is brought to you by Art From Us and Divvya Nirula. The Artists we spotlight here can be from any field, across any discipline, and using a variety of media. We share here why we think they are important and worth watching. Be it genius creators of eras gone by. Or the upcoming contemporary artist who is yet to have their first show. All come under the purview of Art Watch.

A Lebanese-Venezuelan paper artist, based in Barcelona. Bujana first came into our radar with her collaborative project with Photographer Garcia Mendez in April 2016.

Before Raya came in contact with Garcia she was already invested in creating paper models for her architecture class. There was something about the way paper responded. Andalso that each of the types of paper she worked with were unique and she enjoyed the organic process. Since the time she was a child, creativity flowed. It was the most natural thing for her to express herself through her hands.

When Raya was a little girl, her parents would habitually gift her twelve sketch books at the beginning of the year. She would fill one-a-month!

Though her interest was clearly fuelled during the time when she was a student of architecture. Being creative and driven had its outcome because she pushed herself to create some of the most exquisite paper sculptures. Their precision and texture are unmatched. It is truly a joy to behold.

The Artist Speaks

 “I find it very important to push my limits and capacities while creating, and I also push the limits of the materials themselves. It’s a constant challenge for me. Can I make this in paper? How real can I make it look? How small can I make it? I really enjoy the mix of excitement and a bit of fear when I’m trying to create something new. I am always wondering whether it will work out like I imagine.”

Says the artist and this is true when one looks at one her most revered series. The Olympic series. She was contacted by photographer Garcia Mendez who asked her to create a series of figures that would represent the Olympics. He did this to add to his stock of images.

Meticulously she studied the postures and the movement. It was a daunting task to create a recognisable figure. But she focussed on the most recognisable posture in each of the disciplines that she represented. Easier said than done. To then translate that onto paper and creating the unbelievable fluidity of motion that each of the sculptures have, left the photographer speechless. He had never imagined the outcome.

For this particular series she adapted the serial planes technique which is typically applied to landscapes. It worked as the natural curves of the body showed better, and preparing it in white gave it a clean and light appearance. Enhancing and emphasising the control and the power of athletics. Her sculptures are a celebration of sorts – of the human body as it pushes itself to perform and do better. It pays a homage to all those who are dedicated to sport and discipline, pushing themselves to perform.

Why Raya Sader Bujana?

One can almost see an affinity between the figures she has created, (previously as well as the said series) and her own craft as well.

“As an artist using paper as a primary medium, I’ve come to define my work as something between illustration and sculpture, with a strong focus on details and care at the heart of it all.”

Raya says that her background and her education definitely aid her. This is most apparent in her visual approach to composition, use of colour, merging of textures. Additionally the volume that she selects, and at times the subject matter.

Her project doesn’t really end their and it gives us a glimpse of the depth of her passion. As Bujana also loves origami and she often creates complex figures mimicking Olympic Atheletes.

Raya Sadar Bujana explains, “The whole concept of this design was to express movement using paper. The added texture, light and volume that the technique provides reinforces the fluidity of the pieces.

It can be safely said that her craft has been an inspiration to many artist for the sheer dedication, inherent potential of the medium, and the perfection that she achieves through discipline. We look forward to many more creations from Raya.

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