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Artist In Focus : Ankon Mitra

Artist In Focus : Ankon Mitra

From the desk of D’s Art Takes, a personal blog of Art From Us we bring to you an insight about the artist featured, handpicked by Divvya Nirula 

Where It All Began

“My journey into the world of folding started with the design of a roof for an airport hangar, wherein I realized the immense strength and beauty of folded roofs.” Say the artist who magically folds material and creates unimaginable shapes. The art of Origami is sacred and personal to the artist.

“Making a folded paper boat at the age of six. Of course at that age I did not know this technique had immense possibilities in science, art, engineering and technology. For me it was just a fun activity.” The artist reminisces. But of course the seed of the thought was firmly embedded, to take root much later.

The Hidden Benefits of Origami

Many years later, after the hangars ignited his imagination, it was the start of an exploration of Origami. The ancient science and art of folding, took on new meaning.

Ankon teaches folding and its wide-ranging applications to students of design, art, architecture and engineering. He has also taught students at I.I.T Mumbai, N.I.D Ahmedabad, S.P.A Delhi and Bhopal, and several other colleges in India and abroad.

Ankon plans to take this art form forward, tying it up with many thoughts and ideas at the same time. The deliberate act of folding and connecting fires nerve centers in the brain. At once, it is an act of meditation as well as an act of stimulation.

Hands are pivotal, and muscle memory leads to improved  overall health, practicing this art.

“The idea of working with one’s own hands is so ordinary yet so sublime that it has the power to transform society and the world.” Says the artist as he continues to prolifically create his trans-formative and unique origami sculptures.

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