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Artist In Focus : Anne Samat

Anne Samat – The Artist

From the desk of D’s Art Takes, a personal blog of Art From Us we bring an insight about the artist featured, handpicked by Divvya Nirula 

Unusually Anne

There is something wonderous about Anne’s art. Perhaps because all that she uses is so recognisable essentially. And then with her touch she transforms the everyday into something extraordinary.

This is at the heart of Anne’s work. She painstakingly creates art works and weaves that are an amalgam of the strong along with the soft. The mixing of the masculine and the famine are woven intricately in her forms. There is a sense of a family, but strong individuals at the same time.

The Philosophy

“I make works which I fervently hope, translates as powerful yet gentle. I am a true believer in the immortal Malay saying, “Tanpa adat dan budaya, ibarat jasad tidak bernyawa – without culture, without custom, one is as good as dead.” Anne says to design and architecture.

Like ancient pagan Gods the installations look upon all as they are being viewed. We wonder about the use of unusual objects in her work.

“I use a lot of unusual objects because of one simple reason: they produce this almost ethereal quality and the work metamorphoses. It is all about undiscovered potential. A mosquito container becomes a face, garden rakes become ruptured ribcages, beads are veins, and hub caps are hairs. The possibilities are endless, ever evolving, and I am still dreaming of thousands more.  And yes, socio-ecological issues are important; we must question our personal world-views, and our systems of beliefs. How else can change occur?”

That is Anne Samat for you. Crystal clear in her thought and her ideology. For her the work as well as the execution are equally important. The process is very much a part of what the art must become.

The Sectret Loom


It is known that she possesses a fantastic loom. Speaking about it Anne’s face lights up. “My sacred loom-weapon of mass destruction? Yes, I still have it. I use it almost every day.” It was a gift from one of her former professors, and one she cherishes to this day.

We look forward to the fruit of that loom !

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