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Artist in Focus : Arpana Caur

In this section for D’s Art Takes, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at the Indian artist Arpana Caur.

Arpana Caur

How do you capture a living legacy? One that is creatively active, socially responsible, and culturally relevant. An individual whose contributions shape and impact the art world – by living and breathing her paintings.

Whose opinion is as firm as her brush strokes.

Above that, how do you begin to explain the length and breath of a career that begins with a young girl in London, who transforms into a woman whose story is no-where near its end. Mid-way we catch glimpses of her pages and her mind, through her Art. So, I humbly begin there – with her body of work. Both Artistic as well as Social. Over the next one month, you and I will explore and unravel Arpana Caur  through her Paintings, Sculptures, Installations, Etchings, Murals, Prints, Books, Interviews, Exhibitions, Personal Collections, Social Missions, Activism, her Mother Ajeet Caur, and much much more.

Over the Month of July, 2016 Art From Us and Divvya Nirula, shall present Arpana Caur and her work in easy to digest, bite sized articles, videos and interviews.

If you collect her work, want to collect her work, are inspired by all that she does, or don’t know much about her or art, stay tuned, there is a world of Arpana Caur waiting for you to enter.

Whenever one stands in front of her works there is  a moment of blankness which is immediately flooded by emotion. This is one of the greatest aspects of her work, the stillness and movement residing in harmony.

Arpana Caur lives and works from New Delhi, India :

Academy Of Fine Arts and Literature, 
4/6 Siri Fort Institutional Area,
New Delhi – 110049

To learn more about your favourite artist and their creative journey, visit Artist in Focus

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