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Artist In Focus : Chittrovanu Mazumdar

Chittrovanu Mazumdar

In this section, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at Chittrovanu Mazumdar

“The River Of Ideas” by Chittrovanu Mazumdar rightly sums up the whirlpool of ideas and talent that rests within this artist. Building on the sense impressions of his childhood, the place he grew up, the sights and sounds of the village that he knew so well (which he would leave behind, but the village would remain with him), and the collective ideas from that time. It is a deeply layered thought that finds his way out.


Chattravanu’s Work

The beauty of Chittrovanu’s work lies in the fact that one is blown away by the sensuality of his display – which constitutes unusual aspects that are built in together, composites that are essentially non sensual in nature (in the typical sense – like open wires, metal and bulbs) but flow as a beautiful piece. It becomes so much more when one learns the back story or his seed ideas.


Chittrovanu has known art from his birth. Both his parents Nirode and Marguerite were artists and he was exposed to the tapestry of art from an early age. He has known and felt displacement, moving from the land he grew up to a city, to new school – where the ambience was ripe for the latent ideas to develop into highly developed and mature pieces. Pieces that would provoke thoughts and evoke emotions that were real. The meeting place of these ideas being the mind of the artist who envisioned them in the first place. Often Chittrovanu likens his light and dark pieces to a mind, one that may be trapped for a while and then sees light, a way out and a path. It is not a mind that is lost and panicked, but one that searches and then always finds.


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Chittrovanu’s affinity and training in music both Western and Indian is key to understanding the ideological aspect. It also gives an insight into the physical layering of his work. He remains one of our favourites from the India Art Fair 2018. We celebrate this artist as the first to our stellar countdown !

The India Art Fair Countdown

To begin the ten days countdown to India Art Fair 2019, Divvya Nirula handpicks this incredible installation by artist Chittrovanu Mazumdar at 1x1Gallery Dubai, thorough her personal blog D’s Art Takes

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