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Artist in Focus : Dayanita Singh

Art From Us and Divvya Nirula had the pleasure of attending and explorign INDIA ART FAIR 2018. Inspired by all the art around us we bring you for Artist In Focus – Dayanita Singh

The Ever Changing Dayanita

Dayanita’s body of work spans several decades. Her work for India Art Fair was particularly fetching. Displaying a concept close to her heart – of books in boxes.

These are objects, or disseminators of knowledge or are they pieces that the viewers can interact with. Over the years Dayanita has been working on several projects.

Singh presents her Museum Bhavan books at the 2017 Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa, India.

The art of story telling is powerful and effective.

“I was invited to be part of the 2014 Kochi Biennale, so spent that year photographing in archives in Kerala. I always stay with my current obsession regardless of whether I am in Kochi or Kyoto, or even Venice. But as always, the exhibition was not enough for me, I wanted to make a book object to show at the next biennale. Like the residue of the previous biennale. Meanwhile my ideas of the book object had been developing, shall we say, and Kochi Box presented the best form so far. The book, that is exhibited, and sold from the wall, until it disappears into people’s homes.”

Tangible Ideas

Ideas and images merge in Dayanita’s compelling works. The concepts keep expanding much like her beautiful mind.

“You could say each paper book is an object but I sort of made up that word to present the idea of the book being the book, as well as exhibition, as well as architecture, sculpture even. A physical, tactile experience. But I wanted to find a word that did not take from other existing forms, so i started calling them book objects.”

It is best understood in the artists own words. As many artist do – she too is riled against the intense mechanisation of the era that we are inhabiting. Consistently through all her work the human element surfaces, repeatedly.

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