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Artist in Focus : Jignesh Panchal : Unique Art

Jignesh Panchal : Unique Art

Jignesh Panchal’s intense cobalt blue stands out starkly against the white background in his artwork. Inviting the viewer to look closely at the intricate arrangements within

Born in Gujrat, artist Jignesh Panchal’s practice references to his cultural atmosphere as he grew up in. Self confessed, it was a very “dense, intensely vernacular atmosphere.” He uses these urban elements from city life to paint a multi-layered idea.

Jignesh Panchal’s Art

According to Jignesh Panchal, art is the true expression of the life ‘seen’ by an artist, the way he experiences it and how he feels about it. His deep love of painting propels him to push boundaries and experiment.

Image Source : Jignesh Panchal personal archives

“I am strolling along the crowded streets of Ahmedabad observing the stores, the signals, the traffic, admiring the rivers, glancing at the bridges.” And he adds, “finally experimenting with form of paintings.” Subsequently the paintings are in series like a long chain of sequence, of thoughts and ideas”. Finally presenting his feelings and emotions through his paintings.

The Search is Still On for Jignesh

Through his works, Jignesh has made an attempt to react to his surroundings and reflect original characteristic of the urban spaces. In his words, “The day to day experiences become source of my works. My search for self is not yet over, my experiments with my works is going on and on. The journey is still going on The search is still continuing and the conflict is on…”

In the current series, Jignesh builds upon the layers that exist in a city. It is too a being, and just as an individual has layers so does the land. He creates a space to look in and be mesmerized by what lies within.


Young Artist At the India Art Fair

Jignesh was reportedly one of the most successful and upcoming young contemporary artists on at the India Art Fair to have had successful sales.

Jignesh Panchal has a lot to say and there is a lot of art inside of him that one is yet to see. His work was on display from ZOCA at the India Art Fair.

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