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Artist In Focus : Jignesh Panchal

Jignesh Panchal

In this section, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at contemporary artist Jignesh Panchal. 

Jignesh Panchal – The Artist

Born in 1981, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, Jignesh recounts his environment as having had a profound impact on him. He speaks about the intensely vernacular set up that he was exposed to, which has lent the core aspect to his art works.

Jignesh reacts to the world around him and recreates them. His is a novel approach to a traditional concept. That in itself is a layered understanding of the world that he inhabits. The layers of paper cuts create a multi dimensional viewing. It invites one to look inside and question.

The inner process of the Artist

The artist confers that from his “(previous) representation my works move to more silent presentation of noise. (which was his persistent memory).  First where I used pictorial space with full of floating shapes on the canvas now my representation became quite minimalist. Earlier direct presentation gives way to more symbolic composition. Even some new objects got space like construction site or tires or telephone, road or fighter plane or helicopter etc. I am experimenting with formal presentation talking place and now on children and human facts comes on the surfaces somehow. I also want to comment on the page 3 society, even the earlier street pictures and the recent works reflect the identical conflicts of the city itself. The quest for my own identity makes me more experimental with my works.”

Jignesh Panchal’s Berlin Experience with ZOCA

Speaking about his experience in GlogauAIR, for his three month residency, Jignesh was all praises for this experience.

“In 2012, I got the chance to travel to Germany for my solo exhibition there. And since then, I was keen to revisit the beautiful country, but not for an exhibition; I wanted to practise art there,“ said Panchal. Iceland and Germany responded to Panchal’s residency applications. The artist chose Berlin over Iceland for his residency as he says Berlin is the hub of developing contemporary art.

Working in Germany has lent him with a fresh perspective in terms of his art practice. And he had the opportunity to have an exhibition and meet with several artists.

This is just the beginning for the young artist.

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