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Artist In Focus : Kyung-Ae HUR

Kyung-Ae HUR

In this section, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at contemporary artist Kyung-Ae HUR

Kyung-Ae HUR – The Artist

Kyung’s artwork is original. Created painstakingly, and with love she shares her unusually made pieces. There is a fine line in her work, bordering installation and artwork.

Made by scrapping layers of paint that she works on, there is a surprise element in her process. Artists often clear away extra drippings and strips from their work, however in her case, she re introduces these on her canvas.  The idea is simple, inspired by Didi-Huberman, that the artist occupies a space, Kyung, lives her work.

Nothing is wasted, it is used to create continuity. As a consequence of this process, the artist enjoys the unexpected results. It is an activity full of excitement, and largely yielding.

The artist points to this fact by re-introducing the fallen layers of paint. According to Kyung, the process of creation, is an experience in itself. Kyung imparts her own experience to the viewers so that they can also live through the process of joyful creation in their minds.

What is interesting is the seed idea.

It is tradition in Korea to eat flavoured rice cakes. These are made with rice flour that has been tinted with edible colour from different food sources. It is then steamed in an earthen steamer and hugely enjoyed. These cakes are a favourite.

Kyung-Ae’s Inspiration

Kyung’s cultural heritage has entered the sphere of her work. She relished these and is now translating the experience on an unbound scale.

Such an immersion into the creative process, such a “consuming” of the paintings, is similar to the joy provided by eating colourful cakes. Crumbs and morsels keep falling while you are immersed in the delight of eating them. And so they have their place too.

The colours that Kyung uses are subtle and complex. Marrying the dark with the multi coloured influence a unique space is created. There is a deeply layered thought lacing the work. The viewer is too partaking of her offering.

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