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Artist In Focus : Nandan Ghiya

Nandan Ghiya

In this section, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at contemporary artist Nandan Ghiya

Nandan Ghiya – The Artist

Nandan Ghiya, this Rajasthan based artist is creating waves in the world of contemporary art.  He has created a space for himself that is highly individual and unique.

This self-taught visual artist believes “the pixel is the atom of the 21st Century”—a comment that foretells the future of a society that is steadily migrating into the virtual world.

The World of Nandan Ghiya

Nandan reacts to a world that had made imaging and perfect imaging the centre of all attention. He riles against the digital take over. “[My work] alludes to the irony of the digital world. No matter how HD, Ultra HD, 4K or 6K we may go, not how many layers and textures we may add…it is still virtual and flat [and] fake,” he says,

Nandan clarifies “What I do through my art is an absolute reversal. I “paint pixels”, which is such an ironic thing to do, no?” That is the best way to understand his world.

Not so ironic. He is keeping it real. Where one can actually stop and understand the process. It becomes imperative to slow down at his art work and consider what is happening. It is only then that one realises what has been achieved. In a small way the artist has won.

One can say that he has mastered the art of deconstruction. This is the heart of deconstruction. He takes an idea and takes it apart and laces it with his own ideas and experiences and presents it.

Nandan Ghiya’s work style

Ghiya’s artwork is a metaphor for present times when boundaries are blurring due to the digital world that has entered our lives. His art registers this movement. The wait, the correction and the essence of time that it takes.

Yes Nandan is the new age contemporary artist. He is rearing to go with his ideas and turn them on into his canvas.

As an artist he is very concerned with people at all levels, the global values and aesthetics. He is concerned with the values of identity and and how they are represented.

The artists uses mixed medium.

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