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Artist In Focus : Om Soorya

Om Soorya

In this section, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at contemporary artist Om Soorya

Om Soorya – The Artist

Soorya maintains that aesthetics are just as important as content. Lighting plays an integral role in creating the transcendental feel that his paintings have. Furthermore, the peculiar play of light and dark gives them their ethereal glow. The viewer senses the fragile relationship between the meditative Zen-like quality of the painting and the overwhelming anxieties of material living.

As a result of the elements of his compositions, Soorya achieves a ‘twilight-dawn-dusk’ imagery.

According to Soorya  “the main concern and challenge was how to have a dialogue between the conventional idea of painting and new urban visions; how to bring a meditative space of silence from new urban complexities.” It can be safely said that he has safely created his own brand of representation.

Honestly speaking, Om Soorya’s paintings show neither the past nor do they really represent our own surroundings. They have neither nightfall nor daybreak, neither cities nor villages, but images of both rural and urban life. His works shows a continuity.

According to Soorya, “(he) lives surrounded by contradictions”. As a consequence of his formal reading in history, historicity plays an important part in his work.

“Light is a very integral part of my work. It is like a reflection of my inner self and has spiritual connotations. I feature the varying hues of twilight over panoramic settings of small temples, pagodas and stupas illuminated with small lights,” says Om.

The artist also dabbles in short stories and drama.

His Work Style

Speaking about this particular piece “Private Property”, it was done in response to Google launching ‘Google map’ in 2005. As a part of their technology, Google peeped into  each micro corner of the earth and started to invade included private spaces. This was also the time of the ‘Real Estate boom’ in India. This resulted in the accentuated rapid urbanization.

Surya consolidated both this thought – that is the idea of Google map and acquisition of land by the multinational companies into this framework.

“A lot of my themes and panoramic views are influenced by Hyderabad’s skyline and its tapestry of colours,” says the nationally-acclaimed artist.

Om currently lives and works in Hyderabad, India.

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