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Artist In Focus : Sachin Bonde

Sachin Bonde

In this section, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at contemporary artist Sachin Bonde. 

Sachin Bonde – The Artist

Born in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, Sachin is a graduate of the Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and MFA in Printmaking. It is evident how the artist connects the dots of socio-political changes from a village/ town milieu to that of a relentless metro. Consequently, he then transmits/transfers his ideas to the world at large.

“The fight for territory and oil has somehow dominated the theatre of the world’s animosity and war for more than a century,” says curator Sumesh Sharma. Sharma curated Bonde’s work “Accused”, for 1×1 Gallery, Dubai.

Image Source – Sachin Bonde, Facebook Page

Multilayered and fascinating, Bonde requires visitors to spend time contemplating. Close inspection is needed for the delicate works to fully grasp all of the artist’s conceptual threads.

Sounds Good

The 10 sculptures of ears on the wall have brass weighing scales, etched with currency symbols and maps, hanging below. The work stresses on the need to stop creating an imbalance in nature.

It is an arresting piece inviting audiences to view closely. The simple household article of the scale is used as a metaphor for issues at large.

The Post Colonial pet peeve

The works provoke post-Colonial perspective, reflecting on hybrid identity through visual poetry. Working in the consequences of the unification of India, the artists question the implications of independence. Interestingly, it is not just in the Indian context but present globally.

How has independence changed to represent a more capitalistic, geologically slippery vision? Sachin asks.

It seems that Sachin’s art works concentrate more on the portrayal of a dismal world on the decline. However, he attempts are to be heard and seen. The motifs of the nose and ears are prominent and relatable to all audiences.

Above all, he engages in a dialogue with the viewer, urging them to look at of how they may have contributed to this large looming smog cloud.

Sachin’s work is widely exhibited nationally and internationally and is an artist to watch out for in the near future.


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