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Artist In Focus : The Iconic Art of ISKCON

In this section for D’s Art Takes, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today we look at the ISKCON Art painted by a diverse conglomerate of artists as One.


There is timelessness about the ISKCON art, which is inimitable. Here art is created in service, with love, devotion and in surrender. It cannot be imitated, because imitations are mortal and limited. True love is endless. The paintings are bright with an inner light, the colours are such that have not been seen before.

In the words of Art critic and lecturer Peter Hawkins, “If we look back into our history as far as we can see”, he says, “art was an expression of an inner vision, it was a kind of sacrifice to the divine. The ancient Greeks worshiped and honoured Athena in their artwork. The early Christian artists, up to the Renaissance, painted exclusively about Christ. When people came to see their work painted on a church wall, they became enthralled with devotion. Even during the Renaissance, when artists like Da Vinci became scientists, they used their discoveries of new techniques to evoke a sense of devotion in their viewers. As soon as the Florentine artists discovered perspective in painting, they used it to depict the life of Christ more realistically. Techniques were never ends in themselves. Wherever you look before the Renaissance, you’ll find that artists were painting with devotion. Instead of attracting attention to themselves, they attracted attention to God”.

It is this inner vision, that is brought out in these remarkable depictions. Paintings that would not be possible without the uncontaminated understanding. The art is simply an outpouring – an offering to the Divine, and for the Divine, technique comes later.

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The ISKCON school has been growing steadily with new students coming from across the world to understand, learn and work. The paintings are realistic depictions from the life of the Divine. One has to feel the depth of the transcendental love and then portray the experience onto paper, applying technique. The teachings are to the heart, the mind that is purified and it’s the fusing of the two that creates the ephemeral and ethereal images of the ISKCON paintings.

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