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Artist In Focus : Vinita Dasgupta

Vinita Dasgupta

In this section, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at contemporary artist Vinita Dasgupta. 

Vinita Dasgupta  – The Artist

Born in Kolkata, Vinita Dasgupta’s childhood was spent between the City of Joy and her grandmother’s village in Bengal. Her family moved around a lot because of her father’s job, as a consequence she absorbed the art and culture of various cities. She imbibed the special vibes of a place where she stayed for short bursts.

Her Working Style

Growing up in a traditional Bengali house meant that Vinita was culturally inclined since a young age, she trained in classical dance. One can see the influence of the arts in her works, ever so clearly.

“While growing up, I was fond of fashion designing, but ended up becoming an artist,” she shares. Vinita completed her Masters in Fine Arts from the College of Art, New Delhi, and her art career began soon after that.

An accidental discovery while working on a workshop in Orissa, Vinita discovered her own special language of expression. Rolled canvas, an extremely difficult style was her choice. The entire process of canvas rolling, from printing and painting, to cutting and arranging takes up to two months. It gives her work a unique 3D look.

Vinita is a fan of black and white films and a trained dancer, hence the sense of drama finds its way to her work. The depiction of the expressive eyes of the movie stars of yesteryears light up her canvas. The rich and bold colours, lend a multi-dimensional appeal.

Vinita enjoyed blending pop art with traditional Indian art styles.

Her Journey

Vinita has worked with lot of reputed galleries and participated in several Art Fairs, internationally as well as nationally.

Besides remaining an inspiration to many young contemporary Indian artists, she also became the inspiration behind promoting ancient miniature and folk art silently through her art mediums and practices.

Vinita was awarded ‘’Art for social change award’’ from United Nations Population Fund-India, New Delhi 2008. Additionally she won the National Scholarship in Painting by Ministry of Culture, HRD for 2yrs from 2009-2011,New Delhi. Her artwork was selected and exhibited at the International Painting competition organized by Château des Réaux ,France, February 2009.

A special recognition and awards by Sahitya Kala parishad, AIFACS, ICRC, UNESCO, Lalit Kala Academy are a few feathers in her cap !

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