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Artist In Focus : Zoya Siddiqui

Zoya Siddiqui

In this section, we pick one artist to showcase their work and creative journey so far. Today, we look at contemporary artist Zoya Siddiqui

Zoya Siddiqui – The Artist

This young artist from Lahore is creating virtual waves in the world of multi media arts.

 Living and working outside her birthplace Lahore (Pakistan) for the past few years, her multi-media work explores questions that relate to spatial distance, memory and longing.

Siddiqui often works site specifically in close collaboration with communities that inhabit a certain space.

Geology of a Home (2015) for example was created at the abandoned Brierfield Mill in Lancashire, where a high number of Pakistani immigrants used to work since the 1970s. When the mill closed down in the 1990s they were forced to look for other employment.

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Zoya’s Unusual Craft

Zoya’s work draws the viewer deeper into her work immediately to a sense of shared memory of spaces and histories. The work of bending time and memory are an area of exploration for this Fullbright scholar.

Zoya’s Loop at the India Art Fair, showed a large 3 Dimensional video footage of a young girl walking in the square space, repeatedly.  Definitely her work goes into dark spaces. But she aims at unearthing just that. The relationships that she ams at drawing out are extremely complex.

Having said that, she is the master of her craft and utilises her multi media skill to create a canvas in the air, filled with detail. This in it self is a breathtaking aspect.

Video installations have slowly been on the rise over the last decade with the advent of the digital world in a big way. It can be said however that it is extremely useful as a tool in projecting  concepts that themselves lie suspended in mid air. As thoughts, half ideas, and emotions.

Old Ideas, New Scapes

 “Halos”, performed in Sri Lanka, was a collaborative performance piece that explored the intersection between the mundane, human, sacred and the spectacular. Through the centralized use of the “halo” symbol as a visual, cultural object.

 Zoya used LED for her piece this time instantly transforming the effect. She is entering perhaps age old questioned zones, but with LED brightness.

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