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Ahuramazda in the Winged Disk (486-460 BCE)

For Artwork in Focus we explore individual artworks, critiquing their style and discussing their socio-political context. Today we look at Ahuramazda in the Winged Disk (486-460 BCE) which is Attributed to the Lion Painter.

About the Work

Title : Ahuramazda in the Winged Disk
Year : 486-460 BCE
Medium : Limestone
Dimensions : 73 cm h x 44.3 cm w x 10 cm d (28 3/4 x 17 7/16 x 3 15/16 in.)
Location : Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

According to the digital catalogue of the Harvard Art Museums :

“The Hall of 100 Columns, constructed for the Persian king Xerxes (r. 486–465 BCE), has multiple doorways that show a royal hero fighting mythical beasts and the king elevated by his troops and the empire’s subject peoples. Above the king hovers a figure in a winged disk, likely the god Ahuramazda.”

According to legend, in Zoroastrianism, Ahuramazda was the creator of heaven, Earth and mankind.

Other Details

Ahuramazda in the Winged Disk is housed in the Harvard Art Museums in Room 3440. It is part of the museum’s collection of the Ancient Near Eastern Art in the Service of Kings – Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Art. The piece has been housed at the Museum since 1943.

To learn more about iconic artworks and their socio-political context, visit Artwork in Focus.

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