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Anonymous, Worried Guy

For Artwork in Focus we explore individual artworks, critiquing their style and discussing their socio-political context. Today we look at Worried Guy by Anonymous.

About the Work

Titles : Worried Guy
Artist : Anonymous
Medium : Oil on Canvas with wire, stapes and paper
Dimensions : 48″ x 37″
Location : Museum of Bad Art

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Worried Guy by an anonymous artist is worring everyone who lays eyes on him. Rendered in shades of black and grey. The man’s hair, which looks like it could use a shampoo, is made of wires and houses a treasure of random pieces of paper and the ocassional staple pin.

The ‘guy’ rests his head against both his hand. His eyes are threatening and his frown unsightly. We couldn’t imagine another collection that this work might fit into, apart from the MOBA.

Other Details

Worried Guy is housed in the Museum of Bad Art. It is part of the museum’s collection of Rainbow Art.


To learn more about iconic artworks and their socio-political context, visit Artwork in Focus.

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