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Christine House, Medusa Fries Fish

For Artwork in Focus we explore individual artworks, critiquing their style and discussing their socio-political context. Today we look at Medusa Fries Fish by Christine House.

About the Work

Titles : Medusa Fries Fish
Artist : Christine House
Medium : Oil on Canvas
Dimensions : 42″ x 36″
Location : Museum of Bad Art

Medusa’s Recipe

The painting presented here depicts Medusa as just another other lady doing her house chores. Whether you’re a woman in Modern society or a Green demon with venomous snakes for hair, you need to provide for yourself and pack your meals with protein.

The work shows Medusa in an asymmetrical red gown with her hair untamed. She stared into oblivion as the fire cooking her fish also romances the bottom of her gown.

In this highly relatable painting as Medusa goes about cooking her lunch, you’re left wondering what other chores she still has pending.

Other Details

Christine House’s Medusa Fries Fish is housed in the Museum of Bad Art. It is part of the museum’s collection of Oozing My Religion


To learn more about iconic artworks and their socio-political context, visit Artwork in Focus.

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