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AURIC VISION II : Art From Us Past Exhibition : April 2016, Singapore

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Artist, Clairvoyant, Healer

A visionary, who heals as she sees, a creative impulse that transforms the individual, and her self…

“There are many roles that define us, be it an identification through our bodies, our families, religions, nationalities or fashion. The transformations we make – re-shaping and re-incarnating our sense of self and how we wish to be perceived is something I see constantly in my day-to-day interactions with people – healing them, counseling them and doing Aura- Readings for them. There is a sense that the mystical and spiritual exists beyond death, “on the other side”. My experience has been that it is very much in the here and now. In the choices we make, the decisions we stick to, the actions we complete. There is a great sense that we must hold on to – as tightly as we can- to something permanent – either in the form of traditions and rituals that have been passed down to us generation after generation, or then in the means of ‘things’ we have created or accumulated. I look at our existence as in constant flux, in perennial change. And, that is not a thing to be feared, or feel depressed about. Change, impermanence must be celebrated – as it is in that transition that the healing occurs. These lotuses I have created are really a co-creation – between three entities – my clairvoyant vision, the Auras I can see, and the Descent of the Divine light that heals and changes that which seems impenetrable, and impossible to heal. So when you ask – ‘What is Auric Visions about?’ – know that it is about recording the architecture of the Aura in transition, about the intervention of the healing, and about creating healing vortexes through art in this space, your space – ultimately leading to all spaces!”



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