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AURIC VISION III : Art From Us Past Exhibition : April-May 2016, Manila, Philippines


Artist, Clairvoyant, Healer

This creative soul has had many roles and expressions of self in this lifetime, from pursuing her PhD in London on Psychedellic Art and its roots in Islamic icons and patterns, to setting up design production for Nalini Sarees in New Delhi in the late 70s. Renooji has had intimate and long standing association with the revival of Indian Textiles, and local-regional art forms across the Northern and North-Eastern States of India. Initiated into Transcendental Mediation at the age of 3 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi himself, she was his 5th initiate (her Father being the 3rd). She has had a long journey with the world of mysticism and spirituality. From then to now, she says she knows one experiential truth – “Change, impermanence must be celebrated – as it is in that transition, in that flux, that creativity finds a way out! ”


With this third edition of her AURIC VISION series, where she has transferred her visions of auric bodies and chakras onto paper, what she calls ‘ auric-blueprints’, has been very exciting for Art From Us as well as the international collectors.

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