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Capsule Collection by Nastya Klimova and Liza Smirnova

Today we look at Capsule Collection by Nastya Klimova and Liza Smirnova for Artwork in Focus. Join me Divvya Nirula as I explore and present my experience of the selected artwork.

Artwork in Focus

Title: Capsule Collection
Artist : Liza Smirnova                    
Year : 2013 ( approx.)
Medium : embroidery
Dimensions : n/a
Location : n/a

Capsule Collection, c. 2013, by Nastya Klimova and Liza Smirnova
Image Courtesy : The Clothes Maiden

The Artwork

For this unusual artist, Liza  thread work and  surrealism go hand in hand or thread through needle !  Liza claims that imagination is in fact one of her strong points. With more than 18k followers on social media, she is popular! This piece from the Capsule Collection, was created in collaboration with the designer Nastya Klimova.

Nastya presents embroidered clothes with anatomical figures. She embellishes figures of human hearts or skeletons that recall the Mexican world. It is abundantly clear that Lisa Smirnova feels special attraction to this culture. Perhaps the bright colours that call out to her or the antique history of surrealism that surrounds it.

The laborious and surprising style of these works are fascinating. Lisa believes that her embroideries touch the edge of the contemporary art. They become remarkable, unique pieces that from an art collector’s point of view are equally desirable to a painting or a sculpture.

Other Details

Abstract water colours, and these beautiful human hearts or the surreal portraits are only some of the spectacular embroideries that Lisa creates. It was as though this designer decided to paint her paintings with needle and thread. This idea resulted in a fascinating and innovative technique that amazes everyone due to its artistic beauty and its laborious perfection on her works.

This Moscow artist uses thread, wool or cotton as raw materials to create the embroideries with such a lush accuracy and unmistakable elegance. 

What makes the art more special is its capacity to transfer the observer beyond the scope of reality. Using her skills with the materials as tools of expression, most of her work is inspired by the magic tales that represent childish monsters.

Lisa Smirnova continues to create vivid colourful embroideries that sometimes resemble pencil drawings. Her work is extremely time-consuming and may take months to complete, but for an innate story teller such as her – time is what she needs as well…

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