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Divvya Nirula

My exploration of the art world was facilitated by my family in a most unique way. Hotels and restaurants were what my family did, but it was the Arts that kept them alive. My Father, a Cornell graduate and my Mother a graduate from the London School of Art were part of a group of spiritualists who were engaged in creative expression. At a very young age I found myself in the company of the late A.R. Achrekar, Arpana Caur, Imroz, the late Amrita Pritam and the late Sheila Dhar to name a few.

Imroz once told me that the audience takes ownership of the work of art through their projected emotions. The battle between the artist and her audience was once again calling out to be addressed in my mind. There are those that place themselves behind the camera, the artworks, and the performance. They address the audience through manipulation and I find myself between them and the audience, trying to gather what exactly is lost in translation. It is in this role as bridge and facilitator that my work and research find true expression.

Applying my education and knowledge-base in Psychology and Sociology within the fields of Contemporary and Modern Art is a pleasure. Delving into our place within a historical and linguistic context of experience fuel my personal investigations into the Self. This in turn informs my spiritual and artistic practices. Working closely with Renooji as a collaborative-duo is a privilege. Our experience becomes your experience, be it as viewer or collector.

By presenting art to an audience, helping it discover what lies before it and beyond, not re-defining it, but allowing the audience to absorb and experience, I feel that the Artist, the Viewer and me the Curator collectively become the story, the narrative that links us to …whatever is next!?

With every show, every artist, & every event – we at Art From Us are committed to present art that moves and heals you. Curated with the aim to inspire you.

“There are many realities available to us. The ones we see, the ones we know, the ones we are told, and the ones we choose to remember. Art allows us to access the twisted and in-between realities. At times unravelling, and at times entangling us further.”

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