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Multiple Artists, A Tale of Two Cities (2017)

A Tale of Two Cities

Cities have existed before us and they will outlive us. But what has been their story and their history? Gallery Espace in their unique project, A Tale of Two Cities, tells us so.

The Concept

The artist has been engaged in active research and this is the prime matter that will go into the construction of the project. The findings, the process and the expression is for all to see. In its vision, A Tale of Two Cities is a project that engages this collective in a research based art-making process.

The cities are a place of meeting that brings into sharp focus, archaeological ‘truths,’ and in thereby showcasing the journey of the artist as well as the cities. The cities too are rendered as works of art.

These are cities of ritual: sacred and secular, intrinsically interwoven into the life of the people that populate these complex geographies. They are also cities of pulsating urban trends. They are processing the globalisation trends that are seeping in.

Old Cities

Sites of heritage, of myth, of history and memory, that have over time acquired many meanings, they are also ‘living’ cities, amidst huge global changes.

Varanasi and Anuradhapura, both continue to attract a large number of pilgrims yearly.

The act of pilgrims taking over and subsequently making spiritual sites as intimate spaces as their own, is explored. Pilgrims disconnect such spaces from the outer reality and its contemporary political and social dynamics. This is natural, in the scheme of things.

The idea of ‘My Varanasi’ and ‘My Anuradhapura’ inherently tries to remain as sanitized and intimate spaces. This allows cities such as Auradhapura and Varanasi to continue as spiritual centers irrespective of their contemporary political dimensions and socio-cultural anomalies.

Water colours, Installations, prints, fabrics and images all weave the delicate stories that are being told in beautiful voices

The Collaborative Team of Artists

A Tale of Two Cities brings together an eclectic artist collective comprising Manjunath Kamath, Riyas Komu, Manisha Parekh, Ram Rahman, Paula Sengupta and Chintan Upadhyay from India together with Jagath Weerasinghe, Anoli Perera, Pala Pothupitiya, Bandu Manamperi and Pradeep Chandrasiri from Sri Lanka.

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