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INDIA ART FAIR 2017/2018

INDIA ART FAIR 2017/2018

The art world, and the Delhi art world more specifically prepares for the mecca of all art events, the India Art Fair. As a countdown to this mega event, we have put together a collective of art works for you to enjoy.

Stellar Line Up

The collection, came together organically and has its own story to tell.  From Chittrovanu Mazumdar through Zoya Siddiqui to Dyanita Singh, it’s a medley of mediums,  wall art Vs installation. We explore the minute world of Imran sheikh and Anila Quayyum’s massive filigree installation.  From bring inspired by Lahore bombings and turning that to an artist who is creating  beauty silently, working with the light. From Mithu Sen’s exploration of unbound pain memories to the deeply meditative Om Soorya works.

Keep Them Coming

We have the delicately fashioned memory relics  from Sumakshi Singh to the stone sculptures of Sangam Wankhade, diverse and at once personal. We experienced Vinita Dasgupta’s rolled canvas art, and the wonderful deconstructions of Nandan Ghiya.  The delicious Keung Ae Hur’s art basedon  food memory to Sachin Bonde’s political statement installations that will be imprinted.

As we journey on we stopped a while to take a moment appreciating Jitish Kallat’s Rain study, Debanjan Roy’s reconstituting Gandhi, and Jignesh Panchal’s multi layered impression of urban living. From the tactile work of Saravanan Parasuram to the ephemeral Avijit Dutta’s vintage works.

And then Some …

Anne Samat’s weaves and materials sprang out for attention, in a different way as Ankon Mitra’s deliberate and intricate oritecture held us captive. Rounding up with Dayanita Singh’s Kochi Box which changes the view on how art can be viewed and carried back.

Yes it has been a stellar line up and just the tip of the ice berg in terms of things to be expected from the Fair this year. Many galleries to be visited and many new stories to be heard, as the popular saying goes,


“You ain’t seen nothing yet !” And here’s looking forward to a brand new year filled with art.




To learn more about your favourite artist and their creative journey, visit Artist in Focus

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