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Kavacch 2021 : Renooji & Divvya Nirula

A Digital Art Exhibition
Date : 12th December 2020
Artist(s) : Renooji & Divvya Nirula
Presented by Art From Us in collaboration with Star Light Company

Kavacch 2021 is brought to you by Art From Us in collaboration with The Star Light Company. This limited-edition series features 14 works by mother-daughter duo Renooji and Divvya Nirula, executed on terracotta, using ink and paint.

About the Exhibition

Kavacch 2021 is born out of an intense process of healing and meditation between Maa Renooji and myself. Encoded in each line, form and shape are healing affirmations of joy, protection, nourishment, abundance and prosperity. A strong intention and action of healing to convert any and all trials and tribulations to triumphs and treasures.

The word ‘kavacch’ signifies a protective armour. These works are empowered through meditation and healing by Renooji and myself, to bless, protect and nurture the environment in which they shall hang, in the years to come.

Each kavacch is inspired by the age-old motif of the evil eye – a symbol of protection and a bringer of good fortune that is seen throughout varied histories and geographies – from the amulets of ancient Egypt to the wall carvings of Mesopotamia.

As the conversation between Renooji and myself deepened, and we listened – Maa gave a deeper insight into the colours and the patterns and this motif of the evil eye – she said :
“The evil-eye – it’s form, colour and energy all harness through the universal system of like-attracts-like – the cyclic positive energies that we here in Vedic traditions identify as the opulent energies of Lakshmi. Many believe the evil-eye repels. What I see is the opposite – it protects by invoking and creating a protective dome that is filled with the positive light. In the Star Light Company the evil-eye has been an energy and form we channel and invoke in many of our healing yantras and designs. Be it the Tiffany lamps, hamsas or then wall glass panels. The artist in me loves the graphic block colours, the healer in me understands the magnetic healing force of the form, and the clairvoyant part of me sees clearly how to shape, mould and create so these energies may manifest, stay and protect whenever they go. These 14 Kavacch Healing artworks do all that and more. Divvya and my affirmation for these works is to find homes where the domes of light created are not just for the individual or home, but across the 14 realms (bhuvanas).”

As stated here, these 14 mystical protectors connect to and download the positive energies of the 14 universes or bhuvanas in the here and now, to bless all of humanity at large. It is our humble offering that you enjoy these works of heart and healing!

Divvya Nirula

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